Nov 3, 2008

I am falling apart, man...

So, here is what I started my Monday with. First, I have had a sharp pain in my neck since Friday. You know those ones you wake up with that feel like someone is stabbing you with a million red-hot toothpicks? Yeah, I have one of those. Yeasterday I had a therapist massage it and it felt so much better. I barely felt it at all, actually. So I wake up this morning and BOOM! It's like I can't move without it seizing up! Yes, I am a big pussy. I know.

Second, my temporary crown comes loose. Again. I don't get the permanent one until Thursday and this mofo is starting to wiggle off. I didn't need a root canal on the tooth before the crowning so it has ALL THE DAMN NERVES that normal teeth do. And it is on the same side as my god damn neck pain. YIPPEE! I may actually firebomb the building today because I am a weeeeee bit cranky.

I hate Mondays. Bah!!

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