Oct 23, 2008


So, some of you guys know that I have been battling (and losing, I might add) the fight against fleas. They got in a few months ago and it has been a crushing victory for the fleas vs. moi. NO MORE I SAY! I took the day off and took my cat to the vet to be thouroughly dipped, squirted and shot full of flea cryptonite. In the meantime I have fogged my whole house. That is some bullshit, by the way. You have to stay out of your house for 3 hours. Now, if I had a DOG and not a CAT this would be a no brainer. Go to the park, hang out at petsmart, or basically find something to do with a dog for the time. Yeah, well, my cat's fat ass isn't gonna do any of that because...well...he's a cat. So we basically sat in my car for 2 hours. I read my book and he licked his asshole in my passenger seat. I was bored out of my mind and I am quite sure my cat's asshole is now free of any pesky debris.

I have made it back in, aired out the house and have conquered cleaning the spare bedroom, the kitchen (sort of) and the bathroom. I still have the 3 major rooms left. Let us not forget that I now have to wash ALL of my clothes. This means another exciting adventure to the most ghetto laundrymat on the planet with two rolls of quarters. I hope I don't get mouth sores just from walking into that place!

I decided to take a break. I am indulging in ice water and sickeningly sweet Cherry Sours. Oh, an blogging. Just needed a break before I am engulfed in cleaning the bedroom. I may never come out of there alive. Seriously, I think some bums hang out in my closet, shooting dice and stabbing junkie hookers. Well, no more putting off the inevitable. I'm off to vacuum up dead flea carcasses now. And check on the status of Tom (and his clean a-hole). Talk to you later. Peace out, biotches.

PS - Maybe not such a good idea to take nasal decongestants right before I started this journey. I've been wandering around like a crackhead all day. :)

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