Jun 16, 2011

In honor of those damn hippies!

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival. Held in 1967 in Monterey, California, it was one of the first widely promoted and heavily attended rock festivals, attracting an estimated 55,000 total attendees with up to 90,000 people present at the event's peak at midnight on Sunday. The festival is remembered for the first major American appearances by Jimi Hindrix and The Who, as well as the first major public performances of Janis Joplin (yes ma'am!)

Ironically, The Rolling Stones didn't play this festival. Now, how the hell does that happen?? I mean, you have this huge musical eargasm occurring at a time when acid is flowing freely and hippies are all about the psychedelic sound and you forget to invite the fucking STONES, man??? Well, to make up for it they did let Brian Jones (guitarist) introduce Hendrix. Still, I feel this is a travesty. With that in mind, I give you The Rolling Stones:

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  1. For those who were not alive in 1967, the "Stones" as you call them, were not a very popular band in the early 60's. They really didn't get big until the 70's. I liked them initially, but I was one of the few. I stopped liking them when Mick became such an ass. I really liked them when they were known as the Rolling Stones and did not have such a big collective ego.