Jul 12, 2011

Top 5 Horror Movies

I was going through YouTube vids yesterday of peoples Top 10+ Horror Movies. None of them were mine so, I thought, here we go:

5. The Howling - This is to this day the SCARIEST werewolf movie I've ever seen. This movie scared the bejesus out of me when I was little.

4. JAWS - This movie's opening scene is still one of the most well-crafted and wonderfully scary openings to a horror movie ever. Mixed with the lone note score, this is possibly the reason why all of America is afraid of sharks. I know it is for me.

3. IT - This was a made for TV movie that came on in 4 parts. My mom let me tape it and I showed it to my BFF Viviane. To this day, the thought of clowns or rain gutters creep me out. Slept with a lamp on after the scene in the bathroom.

2. The Exorcist - Arguably, this should be everyone's number 1 pick. The only reason it isn't is because I didn't quite get why this was so scary until I was older. This is still one of the most terrifying and realist (seeming) movie I can think of. Also, the possession scene with the crucifix is arguably the most disturbing scene in any movie.

1. POLTERGEIST - This movie is hands-down the scariest thing ever. From the clown that comes to life, to the tree that eats the little boy, to the skin falling off the guys face....NOTHING frightens me more than this movie. To this day, I still can't watch it alone.

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  1. Excellent choices all, my little one! I might number them differently, but I would have the same movies.